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शुक्रबार, १३ फागुन, २०७३



“They eat wastes and shit gold” this sounds crazy but they really do it. I’m talking about red worms (also wrigglers) scientifically called as Eisenia fetida.


These amazing creatures fascinate me with how much they can eat wastes and convert it into “black gold” not crude oil but “worm castings” which fetch more prices than petroleum and value much in organic agriculture.


Because of high humic acid and nutrient content; vermicomposts, when used as fertilizers, provide higher nutraceutical quality products. Everyday our nose is suffered with the foul smell of wastes, rotten leftovers packed with a small plastic bags residing at the corner of our rooms or on balcony waiting for garbage collectors and trucks to be taken away.


However, we don’t spare a moment to think over it, how much energy, lifetime and money are associated with the wastes packed on those plastic bags. Yes, these are not wastes rather a form of pre-requisites of black gold for there’re red worms to prove it further.


From the early dawn to late night, our hands are busy with foods and their leftovers or wastes. In fact, major portion of our lifetime passes over with wastes. Our daily wastes consist, paper, plastics, fruit & vegetables, cans & glasses.


About half of them being organic wastes, our little creatures, red worms can consume them and shit black pellets known as vermicompost. Keeping these pets in boxes, a simple plastic box or fascinating ones as seen in markets with kitchen leftovers like, pumpkin, cabbage, cauliflower, banana or orange peels and bio-degradable plastics can produce more amount of worm castings.


Likewise, their number increases with times as the better survival and reproduction continues inside the favorable medium of the worm-boxes being dark, humid and full of waste. These red worms are so efficient means of converter than power plants designed to decompose the wastes as they hold the capacity to decompose the wastes about half of their body weight over a night.


The practical experiences and evidences suggests that enumerated health hazards are insurmountable and can’t be tackled effectively unless the wastes are minimized or not dumped on the lands recklessly. Thousands of trucks and large no. of garbage collectors can be replaced with these prominent worms when it comes to the idea of time utilization and energy optimization.


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