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गृहपृष्ठसमाचारNSL Nepal Open International Pickleball Tournament 2024: A Success Story 

NSL Nepal Open International Pickleball Tournament 2024: A Success Story 

Kathmandu- In a vibrant display of sportsmanship and skill, the NSL Nepal Open International Pickleball Tournament 2024, in association with the Pickleball Association Nepal (PAN), concluded on a high note on March 9th at the All Nepal Tennis Association in Satdobato, Lalitpur. The two-day event marked a significant milestone as the FIRST INTERNATIONAL OPEN tournament in Nepal, setting the stage for many more to come. 

Tournament Director, Jackson Subedi, spearheaded the event, which welcomed an impressive turnout of 115 players from 10 different countries. With more than 300 matches played, the tournament buzzed with excitement and enthusiasm, showcasing the growing popularity of Pickleball on an international stage.

“This tournament has been a tremendous success,” remarked Jackson Subedi, reflecting on the event. “It was heartwarming to witness players from diverse backgrounds come together to celebrate the spirit of Pickleball. Our goal was to not just host a tournament, but to create an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.” 

 Nepal emerged as a powerhouse in the competition, securing an impressive tally of 20 Gold, 13 Silver, and 20 Bronze medals. The home advantage was evident as Nepalese players showcased their prowess on the court, delighting the spectators with their exceptional performances. 

“We are immensely proud of our Nepalese players,” Subedi continued. “Their dedication and skill were on full display throughout the tournament. It was a joy to see them compete against top international talent and emerge victorious.” 

The competition was fierce, with India, Thailand, Singapore, and the UK also making their mark with commendable performances. India secured 9 Gold, 16 Silver, and 11 Bronze medals, while Thailand, Singapore, and the UK displayed formidable skills with 5 Gold, 4 Silver; 7 Gold, 1 Silver, 4 Bronze; and 5 Gold, 12 Silver, 14 Bronze medals respectively. 

 One of the highlights of the tournament was the camaraderie and sportsmanship exhibited by all participants. Foreign players were impressed by the standard of Pickleball in Nepal and expressed their appreciation for the warm hospitality extended to them. 

 “This tournament has been an incredible journey,” Subedi added with a smile. “It’s not just about the medals, but the friendships formed and the spirit of sportsmanship that prevailed throughout. As the Tournament Director, I am grateful to everyone who contributed to its success – the players, volunteers, sponsors, and the Pickleball Association Nepal.” 

 As the curtains drew to a close on the NSL Nepal Open International Pickleball Tournament 2024, it left a lasting impact on the Pickleball community. It served as a testament to the growing popularity of the sport in Nepal and the country’s ability to host world-class events. 

 Looking ahead, Jackson Subedi and the team behind the tournament are already planning for bigger and better events in the future. The success of this tournament has set a high standard, and the Pickleball Association Nepal is committed to further elevating the sport on a global scale. 

 With the echoes of exhilarating matches and the spirit of sportsmanship lingering in the air, the NSL Nepal Open International Pickleball Tournament 2024 concluded, leaving behind a legacy of unity, passion, and excellence in the world of Pickleball.  Jackson Subedi is the only IPTPA Certified Instructor of Nepal and Engage Pickleball Ambassador. 

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