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Transforming Nepal through Suspension bridges

Transforming Nepal through Suspension bridges

Spanning through centuries trail bridges of Nepal are yet to become a leading examples around the globe specially in a developing world. Targeting major trade routes and travel locations, Nepal had constructed 3,000 bridges by July, 2004. Since then it has been a ever expanding project of Nepal Government which resulted in completion of 6,000 trail bridges by September, 2015 and the numbers is enormously increasing.But, “Will this advancement in transportation will implement the will of a people?”


I would consider this as a vital breakthrough and a innovation leading to a huge success. Is this trend of building trail bridges in the Himalayas internationalized?Learning from the experiences of Nepal, Nepalese experts and technical officers have helped many countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Bhutan, Honduras, Mozambique, India, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Laos, Vietnam in trail bridge technology to reestablish shattered communities. For this Helvetas Swiss Inter-cooperation Nepal initiated South-South Cooperation Unit(SSCU). Among all, launch of Pilot Bridge Project in Ethiopia was a major success for Nepalese Engineers.
Ongoing Construction of Trail bridge with Bungee at Kushma,Parbat
These days Sector Wise approach(SWAp) of Nepal Government has strengthen this construction. After the completion of a 359m longest and Asia’s highest trail bridge in Parbat district of Nepal by Department Of Local Infrastructure and Agricultural Roads(DoLIDAR), we are about to see a most awaited Bungee bridge of Nepal aiming for tremendous number of tourists.But still, “Will this practice improve the involvement of communities and ensure good governance?” Will Nepalese bridges lead the major suspension bridges like Millau Viaduct, Golden Gate Bridge by few decades?”


Still the problems faced by Nepalese engineers are diverse.Such bridges should defy nature and resist the most brutal earthquakes, tackle the problems of climate change and sustainability is also a increasingly important goal for us.Taking into account of all of these we should now aim for the long span motor-able bridges which will make life more easier and simple. We should target for the iconic architecture that will make us all proud, that will create a new luxury to us. Now the time has come to draw our attention for the advancement of suspension bridges. Our imminent decision to built as many suspension bridges will conquer the modern history of suspension bridges.





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